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Google SEO Tips for 2016

In today’s world, most businesses are marketing their products and services online. Many people access the internet on a regular basis and marketers try to improve their rankings with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Rules and regulations for SEO have taken a different shift over the past years. Experts are offering Google SEO Tips for 2016 that can maximize investments in your content. According to hubspot.com, an estimate of about 12 billion web searches in the US are carried out every month, SEO has earned more traffic and will go a long way in boosting your brand, making your business get the credibility it needs and the visibility it requires. Google SEO Tips for 2016 that may guide you in creating valuable content for business are as follows:

Best Google SEO Tips for 2016

Keywords is a Thing of the Past

Including keywords in your SEO content does not have prominence nowadays. Exact keywords are relevant to search results only. In the recent past, it was only about clicking to get anything you were searching for. Now search engines are able to know how we frequently visit websites. It is the post-clicking activities that satisfy the user intent. The search engine is getting smarter by the day and has started to figure out what other words can be connected to your recent search, and how they can be relevant to the topic in question. For you to get accurate results or searches, you should put four to five-word queries to give the search engine a 75% chance and a better scope for finding your content. Two-word queries can sometimes limit you on the results that you intend to get.

Prominence on Social Networking Sites

It is common to find almost everyone on one of the social sites available today, be it Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn just to mention a few. Nowadays, social sites have most of the biggest following ever recorded in history. Marketers have been keen to use this platform as a key area in advertising their content online. Currently, 76% of marketers are using Social Media to enhance their SEO according to Impactbnd.com. This is one of the Google SEO Tips for 2016 that could boost content for products and services.

Video Content for SEO

Did you know that videos contribute up to 62% of Google SEO result searches? This is according to a research conducted by the Marketing Land States. It is evident that videos are one of the easy ways of getting the audience engaged and entertained. In addition, Google is tolerating blended results and searches, so why not use the opportunity? This can go a long way in improving your SEO rankings. Marketers started using videos for their SEO way back in 2015, and this can predict how popular video SEO can be in 2016.

Mobile Phones Optimization

Most people own smartphones and this could be one of the biggest platforms for Google SEO Tips for 2016. Many people are reading the news and other online related material on their smartphones. Marketers could use this to their advantage and improve their SEO rankings. As Derek Edmond, Director of social media strategies and SEO for KoMarketing Associates puts it, Google should get to know content found on mobile apps and secure marketing strategies for SEO purposes.

All in all, the world is rapidly transforming with enormous information fed into the internet on a daily basis. More Google SEO Tips for 2016 will keep on changing. Marketers should be on the look out not to miss important details for their SEO contents. They should be focused on improving their SEO rankings by coming up with workable solutions in this particular field.

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